Head of the Class Valley Jr. High

Head of the Class 

School: Valley Jr. High

Student: Mallory Pinion

Grade: 8th

Parents: John and Stephanie Pinion

Clubs and Athletics:  Mallory is a member of the National Junior Beta Club. Mallory plays Volleyball and Basketball for the Valley Bucs. She also plays league Soccor.

Favorite Subject is Math.

Hobbies: Mallory enjoys drawing and performing in dramas with Athletic Arts Center. She also enjoys volunteering at the Va.

Awards and Honors: Mallory has excelled in acadenics and exhibits great character. She is on the A Honor Roll snd was voted Best Personnality and Best Mannered by her peers.

Future Plans: Mallory plans to attent the Universrty of Montervallo and major in Theater.Mallory Pinion