BEST Robotics

Group Shot
BEST Robotics is a competition that is free of charge to all schools.  Students are given a box of materials and an objective.  In 6 weeks students build a robot, wire and program the robot, document the process int heir engineering notebook, market the robot, create a website, commercial, and marketing booth to help market their product and participate in a shark tank type marketing interview.  The BEST award is calculated based on (in this order of importance) Engineering notebook, Marketing interview, Marketing Booth, Spirit and Sportsmanship, and the robot competition.  Blue Devil Robotics is a joint team including Bankhead Middle School and Cordova High School Students.  We have a total of 27 members this year from 5th- 12th grade.  This is our second year earning a spot int he regional competition held at Auburn University. This is one of four regionals in the country which includes schools from all over the southeast.  We will compete against 58 teams from 16 BEST hubs in 5 states.  At our local competition Bevill BEST we earned 2nd place in Engineering Notebook, 3rd place in the marketing booth, 3rd place in spirit and sportsmanship, 2nd place in the robot competition, 1st place web page design, 1st place Founder's award for Creative Design, and 1st place in the overall BEST Award.  
Group Photo