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Virtual Program

Virtual Program

The Walker County Board of Education, recognizing that some students do well in a “traditional” school program and some do not, in accordance with ACT 2015-89 of the Alabama Legislature, hereby creates the Virtual School Program Option named Walker County Virtual School/Program.  This program will have no tuition costs and minimal fees (as required by ACCESS for certain courses).  This program will begin to be available to students in the 2016-2017 academic year.  

All students residing in the Walker County School District, and enrolled with good-standing in a Walker County high school (grades 9-12, inclusive) may enroll in a fully virtual program option.  Students desiring enrollment in the Virtual Program should have no expulsions from any school and no more than one suspension from the previous or current academic year.  Students wishing to enroll in the virtual program option must have a 70 average on core courses from the previous year, no more than 5 unexcused absences the previous year, and possess the maturity, organization skills, motivation and dedication to be successful in this learning environment.  

Due to the rigor and expectations of the ACCESS program, students should be motivated, time-managers and organized in addition to academically successful.

Principals and Counselors of local high schools can provide guidance to prospective students of the virtual program.  Please begin by talking with your school’s counselor to gain more information.  For additional information, call the director, Steve Rowe, at 387-0555 extension 1113.

Students enrolled in the virtual program are eligible to participate in extracurricular activities in the school in which they are enrolled.  Virtual program students must adhere to the same requirements as other students, including Alabama High School Athletic Association rules.

See the additional requirements and information  here.