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Improving Attendance




1. Review the system handbook or attendance requirements and procedures.
2. Encourage student attendance by taking a positive approach to school and school activities.
3. Communicate to your child the importance of consistent school attendance and preparing students to be
successful adults through the use of proper behavior.
4. Check frequently with the school personnel as to the student’s progress, behavior and attendance.
5. Avoid scheduling medical appointments or family trips during school hours.
6. Talk to your child about what happened at school each day.
7. Support school rules for truancy and tardiness.
8. Set a positive example for your child by modeling a serious work ethic.
9. Remember that your child must be at school half the day (11:30) to be counted present.
10. Do not provide a forged or altered medical excuse.
11. STI Information NOW: (for parent use in monitoring attendance, grades, etc)
                                     1. INow (from Home Page)
                                     2. Choose INow Home Portal
                                     3. Enter Identification number (issued by school)
                                     4. Enter Pin Number (issued by school)