Flu Shot Schedule  Fall 2017


    Carbon Hill:


    Tuesday September 26th


    High School....1030-1230



    Valley                      Mon  Oct 2nd       8-11

    Dora.                       Mon  Oct 2nd       12-2

    Cordova Ele            Wed  Oct 4th        8-10

    Bankhead                Wed  Oct 4th        10:30-12:30

    Cordova HS             Wed  Oct 4th        1-3

    Sumiton Mid            Thu   Oct 16th        8-10:30

    Sumiton Ele             Thu   Oct 16th        11-2:30

    Parrish Ele               Wed  Oct 18th     8-10

    Lupton                      Mon  Oct 23rd      8-10

    Curry Ele                  Tue   Oct 24th        8-10:30

    Curry HS                  Tue   Oct 24th        11-2:30

    Oakman Ele              Wed Oct 25th       8-9:30

    Oakman HS              Wed Oct 25th        10-12


    Walker Co Bus Shop   Thu Oct 19th      7:30-9:00

    Walker Co Bd of Ed     Thu Oct 19th      9:30-11

    Walker Co Ctr of Tech Thu Oct 19th      11:30-12:30