• The early 1980's brought many changes to our area. The population of the Curry community saw a huge growth as many people were moving here to enjoy living on the increasingly popular Lewis Smith Lake. In the early 1980's the Alabama Department of Education made public Kindergarten available for all 5-year-old children.  Another change our community was experiencing was the closing of several small rural schools in our area. These changes led to an increase in the number of students attending Curry Elementary School and the idea of a middle school for grades 5-8 on the Curry campus was born. It was agreed at the time that Curry Elementary and Curry Middle School would share a lunchroom, gym, and library. 


    Curry Middle School was opened to students in January 1985. The opening date was pushed back from the beginning of the school year to January due to a particularly harsh and wet spring and summer that created building delays. This was a much anticipated school addition to the Curry campus. Our school quickly grew, which led to the addition of a teacher's lounge, another set of restrooms, and two additional classrooms. This addition was completed in 1989, bringing our school to a total of 14 classrooms. As more people moved to our community and other small schools closed, we continued to experience growth. This growth created another expansion to our school. In 2016 a new wing was added to our building, bringing us seven new classrooms, a science lab, and another set of restrooms.