• Mrs. Ginger Atkins--Special Education Director
    Dr. Tanya Guin--Federal Programs, Pre-K, K-8th grade Curriculum and Instruction, ARI, AMSTI (with Mr. Rowe)
    Mrs. Mary Slaughter-Director of Assessment and Accountability, Guidance and Counseling
    Mr. Kyle Dutton--Mental Health Services Coordinator/504/Secondary 
    Mr. Patrick Gann-Technology Director, School Safety, Handbooks/Calendars, Compliance Monitoring
    Mr. Tim Hulsey-RtI/PST, Librarians, Textbooks, Superintendent's Student Council, Spelling Bee, Quiz Bowl
    Mr. Roy Martin- At-Risk Coordinator,  Alternative Programs (HOPE, Twilight, Virtual), Attendance, Peer Helper, Student Background checks
    Mr. Andy McCay-Chief School Financial Officer, HR & Personnel (with Mr. Rowe)
    Mr.Chris McCullar--Career & Technical Education Director
    Steve Rowe- High  Athletics, HR & Personnel (with Mr. McCay),  AMSTI (with Dr. Guin)
    Margaret Guthrie- Nursing
    Mike Scott- Transportation
    Darrell Waid- Maint. Supervisor