• Vision:

    The vision of Oakman Elementary/Middle School is to become a school community filled with confident, lifelong learners who set goals and persevere in order to achieve those goals.



    Oakman Elementary/Middle School is a diverse and inclusive school community committed to academic excellence and serving the physical, social, and emotional needs of each child. The staff of Oakman Elementary/Middle School strives to create and maintain an orderly, trusting, and nurturing environment where teaching and learning encourages student initiative and ownership, promotes inquiry, fosters collaborative conversations, and generates knowledge of healthy choices. Students are challenged and supported to meet rigorous standards using a strategic framework that places emphasis on student understanding. All aspects of the school's organization, curriculum, resources, including technology and extracurricular activities, are child-centered and designed to accommodate individual learning styles so that each student may experience success.



    Oakman Middle School believes:
    1. a positive atmosphere and positive image are vital to maintain a healthy school.
    2. teachers, students, parents, and community members should be responsible and respectful.
    3. confidence is an important trait to nurture.
    4. lifelong learning and critical thinking are important for the entire school community .
    5. preparing students to become future leaders is extremely important.
    6. maintaining a safe environment for everyone is a top priority.
    7. building relationships among faculty and students is vital to learning.
    8. preparing students for the next grade level is essential.



    "Dream It, Believe It, Achieve It!"